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» New from Wielander+Schill! Fully automatic. New Press and Go technology An automatic, process controlled       spot welder with inverter technology. Very easy to handle and safe to use whilst always giving reliable welding    results
» The InvertaSpot GT automatically recognizes and measures the configuration and thickness of the panels.
» Clamping force, amps and welding time are automatically calculated,The parameters are set and there is no    need for manual adjustments.
» With high frequency Inverter-Technology 10.000 Hz / < 13.000 A / < 6,0 kN,Spot welder incl. double side C-    transformer gun and accessories.


» Continuant machine power 35 kVA, Maximum welding current 13 kA
» Maximum welding power 156 kVA, Power supply voltage 3 x 400 V
» Power supply frequency 50 / 60 Hz, Connection profile 5 x 6 mm
» Adjustment range 0-13 kA, Protection class IP 21
» Electrode surface pressure 600 max. daN ,Pliers dimension 210 x 565 x 290 (incl. C-Arm) mm
» Pliers weight (with cable) 15 kg, Machine dimension (W x D x H) 560 x 750 x 810 mm
» Machine weight 119 kg


InvertaSpot GT BM Resistance spot welding system

  • » The modern control technology of the InvertaSpot GT BM automatically identifies the conditions at the joint and   automatically adjusts all necessary parameters. The machine monitors the entire welding process and    performs a secure spot welding.
  • » Due to its transformer inverter technology, the machine consumes 65% less energy as compared to a usual    welding gun machine.
  • » Fully automatic process-regulated multifunction resistance spot welding machine with high frequency inverter    technology and water cooling. For repair of vehicle bodies, in particular of components made from high and    ultrahigh tensiole steels, as well as coated and bonded sheet steels. With a clear quality statement on the    process sequence. Welding results are stored by the machine automatically along with all relevant parameters.    They can be called up at any time for documentation.

Important Details:
  • » Automatic material thickness identification
  • » Water cooling for clamp, transformer and electrodes
  • » Documentation of welding parameters an SanDisk memory card as well as the software updated
  • » C-arm recognition system
  • » Conforms to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directive 2004/108/EC
  • » Conforms to low voltage directive 2006/95/EC
  • » Conforms to machinery directive 2006/46/EC

YSI 21 D Ver.2 Inverter Spot Welder

  • » 10000Amps of power for factory weld
  • » Fully computer controlled function. Just feed in the thickness of the metal to be welded and the computer will    indicate not only the welding current and time but will also the Air Pressure for accurate and safe welding. An       indicator on the control panel indicates if weld is not proper.
  • » Tip Pressure 450daN, Tips Liquid Cooled, Balancer Arm for Gun & Cable Support
Make: Yashima, Japan
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