Dust & Exhaust Extraction

Reel Type Exhaust Extraction System


Two Hose reel with fan and four house reel with centralised fans.
Control for automatic start and stop.
Nozzle for double exhaust pipe.
Fan 1 HP

For all types of vehicle workshops, etc. where the hose can hang at a reachable height. The patented spring drive makes the reel very easy to handle. A patented integrated automatic damper saves energy and reduces the noise level Optional retraction control is available for increased safety and efficiency. Mounting of fan on reel is possible. The spring recoiled hose reel can be upgraded to motor drive.

Simple and safe installation
- Automatic damper for energy savings
- Simple adjustment of lifting capacity
- Automatic fan on/off switch as option
- Retraction control as option

The best solution in workshops with a high ceiling, where overhead cranes etc. have to be considered, or where high vehicles must pass. Operated via a hand unit either an IR control or pendant control. A receiving eye on the reel shows the status of operation. Electronic limit switches reduce the risk of malfunction and unnecessary wearing of the hose. Fan start/stop is automatically controlled. Mounting of fan on reel is possible

Convenient and safe operation
- Automatic fan operation
- Settings for limit switches made from floor level
- Compact, modern design
- Quick & easy installation reduces cost

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