Lifting Equipment

Four Post Lift (Brand-Rotary)

Four Post Lift

» Lifting Capacity: 4 Ton
» Single piece column for added strength.
» Power unit can be located on either front left or rear right.
» Locating hydraulic cylinder and lift mechanism underneath runway eliminates damages to vehicle doors
   and permits unobstructed rise.
» Easy to operate


Four post Lifts (Brand-AAM)

Four Post Lift
  • » Lifting Capacity 4.0T, Lifting Time 60S, Lifting Height 1900mm
  • » Electric/Hydraulic power system.
  • » Electric control air-operated safety release.
  • » Dual safety device: In case the safety locks in ladders are out of operation, the lift would also be locked
       automatically by a second safety device.
  • » Adjustable turn plate position to fit the different wheel base, integrated rear slip-plates.


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