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Dent Pulling System Quick


» Basic System
» Can work with the existing spot welders equipped with single sided guns
» With trolley for future expansion


» Medium Pulling bar, Double Support system, Lever puller,3 Claw puller,
» 6 Claw puller, Hand puller, Sliding hammer ,Wavy Wire, Oval Eyelets straight & twisted
» Attachment for existing single side welder, Upgrade anytime


Dent Pulling System Quickest

  • » The most versatile system available on the market, Designed for operating in 2 Bays simultaneously Increases    productivity manifolds,2 Technicians can work simultaneously in 2 adjacent bays
  • » Unique Swivel Design allows the Spotter to turn on its Axis, facilitating functioning in one bay without moving    the trolley. Operates in such a way that while one technician is pulling, the other can weld washers by simply    swinging.
  • » The spotter in his direction, Trolley provides two working surfaces Includes all tools from Quicker,
Its Additional tools include
  • » The patented super fast small repair tool- Airpuller, Glue pulling hammer,
  • » Glue gun, Glue plugs, Claw Hammers, Mini Puller
  • » Duplicate tools can be supplied on request

Dent Pulling System Quicker

  • » Mid Range (Standard System)
  • » Supplied with its own Spotting Machine, Upgradeable to next model option.
  • » Complete with trolley for future expansion
It Includes:
  • » Spotter with single side gun, Box of assorted tips, carbon shrinking rods etc
  • » Long & Medium Pulling bar, Double Support system, Lever puller, 3 Claw puller,6 Claw puller,4 Claw puller
  • » Hand puller, Sliding hammer big & small, Wavy Wire, Oval Eyelets straight & twisted, Pulling connect support,       Angle grinder, Attachment for existing single side welder.

Dent Puller Trafo Airpuller AP 95

Dent Puller Trafo Airpuller AP 95
  • » Light weight
  • » Rugged German engineering from Wielander+Schill
  • » 230 Volts, 50 Hz
It includes the following:
  • » Twin Side Sliding Hammer, Earth cable included in AP95 Trafo, Wavy Wire Set
  • » Electrode for sliding hammer, Trolley for easy movement, Tips for sliding hammer
  • » Claws for sliding hammer, Carbon Shrinking Rod, Pulling lever with claws

Airpuller AP 95

Airpuller for future upgrade world's most innovative tool

Airpuller for future upgrade world's most innovative tool


The professional dent repair system sets standards in ease of use without making compromises in cost. With the Airpuller AP 95 you can do the entire dents repair from outside in a fraction of the time that is normally needed when using existing tools.

For Example

» Hail Damage
» Little dents
» On double-sided car body areas.
» For Panel Shrinking.
» Even Panel shrinking of so called high spots is no problem with the Airpuller AP 95.

» rom now on frightening hail damage on cars roofs can be done without problem. You will not have to spend time    on expensive Preparations or on removing the inside trimmings.

» The Airpuller is so simple to use you can use it immediately without any special training ,and you can see how    clever it is when removing long scratches and scrapes on the side panels of cars.


Portable Quick Dent Pulling System

Airpuller for future upgrade world's most innovative tool

Airpuller for future upgrade world's most innovative tool


» Extremely useful in Haildamage.
» Fast, Efficient and Economical
» Quick Returns
» Customer Delight.


» Remove primer and finishing coats of paint from the damaged area and clean the sheet metal until bright.
» Insert welding studs 2,0 mm into the electrode tip.
» Put the outer and the inner electrode with stud onto the prepared spot.
» Press welding button for 0,2 - 0,5 seconds The best welding time is achieved when the blue burn mark around the    stud has got a diameter of approx. 5 mm.
» Pull on the welding stud using the original head of the tool until the required position is achieved, In some cases,    the use of the sliding hammer will be needed.

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