Bodyshop Equipment



» Floor-mounted lift
» Capacity : 3500 kg
» Maximum height : 1640 mm
» Minimum height : 105 mm
» Lift with rubber blocks

» Lift with wheel lifter supports
» Lift for bodyshops, garages, service stations
» Automatic opening and closing of the lifting arms available



» The easiest, quickest and most effective technology that provides the certification before, during and after the    repair.
» Continuously measures multiple points automatically during repairs.
   On-screen instructions indicate recommended targets and attachments for faster set-up.
» Provides color printed reports to document damage and repairs.
  Most measuring points are provided with an on screen digital photo of the point for easy location and    reference.


Jolli Print

» The most innovative computerized measuring system to repair and certify.
» Jolliprint easy to use and complete with a world databank that can be updated several times a year.
» To measure and certify before, during and after the repair.
» It transmits the data to the computer via radio.
» Different vehicle dimension data sheets on both assembled and disassembled mechanical parts.
» Mobile computerized measuring system


Digital measuring instrument

» Extraordinary accuracy and easiness to use.
» Zeroline: length, width, diagonal and now height too are measured digitally with numerical accuracy.
» Zeroline can work with any inclination: by pressing the calibration button you create the zero reference plane    even if the car is not in a horizontal position.
» Suitable for measuring body / mechanical parts / wheel alignment etc.


PC Data

» Computerized world database for mechanichal measuring system available on dvd or installed in a laptop    complete with printer and case. PC DATA is suitable for use in conjunction with Zeroline Digit2.

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