Lifting Equipment

Car Washing Lift


» Lifting Capacity 4.5 ton, Rise: 1876mm, Width Overall: 3493mm
» Ceiling Height: 3658mm, 3886mm, 4191mm (Adjustable within this range)
» Slider Block Bearings made of Tovar 1000 polyethylene.
» Self Lubricating & Maintenance free, Asymmetric electro-hydraulic.
» Lifting mechanism: Dual hydraulic Cylinder, Clear Floor Design

Model - SPOA 10 with washing kit

Mobile Two Post Lift (Brand-Finkbeiner)

Mobile Two Post Lift
  • » Capacity 3 t, standard drive-in width 2000 mm, asymmetric swivel arms.
  • » Practical and versatile lifting solution for all types of vehicle for repair and maintenance, indoors and outdoors.
  • » Free access to any part of the vehicle, doors can be opened at any height.
  • » Maximum safety, double load securing with automatic hydraulically and mechanical locks. Automatic locking
       swivel arms.
  • » Thoroughly reliable, self-lubrication. Hydraulic drive system protected against moisture, dirt and sand.
       No maintenance required

Model No - FIK MB-3

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