Aluminum Repair

Aluminium Repair Bay


The most innovative point of our work bay constructions is the general usage of lightweight aluminium truss systems instead of a heavy steel structure. The adavantages are a perfect and professional view, a weight reduction of approximately 75% and lower prices of the standard elements. It avoids problems with the static of the workshop building and makes the installation process fast and easy. All in all this is the reason why we show that aluminium truss in our own brand label!

Fixed sets of body repair bays are available for:

-Aluminium body structural repair
-Steel body structural repair
-Lightweight Steel/aluminium hybrid body structures including Carbon and other reinforced high   tech plastics
-Paint preparation
-Finish and smart repair


CLE- Curtain, light and energy


The recommended standard area for structural repairs is 6 x 8m. The standard height of the system is 3.50 m. Special dimensions, f.e. for commercial vehicles, are available. To simplify the engineering and communication process there is a FAQ file available.

Instead of bays there are also line systems available by ProWoTech. There are special systems for long vehicles such as trucks and busses and railway wagons. For passenger cars we offer line systems for:

-mechanical workplace
-check-in and entrance diagnosis
-commercial vehicles

The leanest version is our system of portable energy cubes. This energy docking station follows the mechanic over the full length of the car to wherever it is required and the floor of the workshop is always clean of cables and hoses.

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