About Us

The face of the Indian Automotive Industry began changing almost 20 years ago with the introduction of Maruti But behind this changing face, lay a
huge resource of human mind and work force
which is changing only now It is this resource of human mind and the work force,
that we are working upon to change in a structured way and in the right direction.

Dream, Vision and Mission Statement

There is a very thin line between realistic vision and a dream vision.

  • We believe in realistic vision and achievable goals…
  • To be a partner with OEMs, Dealerships  & Insurance companies alike, in productivity engineering, devising new ways, strategies, implementation plans and training, leading to reduction in cost of repairs, rather than be just a supplier of tools and equipment.

The Team

  • Professionally managed organization
  • Hands on people
  • Experience on both sides of the table
  • Over 20 years in Automotive Industry
  • Pan India presence
  • 75 Employees
  • Part of Kapsons Worldwide group with over 500 personnel
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